Another not-famous yoga blogger for Obama

Small Blue Pearls officially endorses President Barack Obama.

© Patricia Houghton Clarke PhotographyWhy? Because he is the best choice, he's worked hard, he's tried his best, he's inched us forward.

Is he perfect? Nope.

Are we? Um. Not yet.

Is he trying his best under hostile and difficult conditions? Yup.

Are we? Indeed we are.

Has he achieved success with whatever issue is most dear to our hearts? Probably not.

But have we done all we can do for our favorite issue/cause? Didn't think so. Because it's hard work and in most cases, unceasing work.

Oh, and he doesn't lie. Satya.

Regardless of your political affiliation, please vote on Tuesday. Not voting squanders a very precious right that people have died to gain. It may only be symbolic, but symbols contain real power.

Check out Matthew Remski's post that got this whole thang started here.